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                 "LET'S HIPHOP"

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The fans and street is calling. Hiphop needs us!! They asked us for Barz, Creativity, Beats and Birdz so #LETS F**KIN HIPHOP!!!
* #SportyAllDay, R.i.p Marlon Brando

NoBirdShit Cinematic Film / Movie Series

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NoBirdSh*t The Film/Movie Series

Produced & Directed by: King Kirk Sporty-Thievz & Howell Designs


Alcoholic HipHip Musician King Kirk falls asleep and has the worst nightmare of his life. The nightmare tells him that he's a total waste of talent. Faced with that thought, he then was threatened and was told if he didn't straighten up & record a new Album in 30 Days, GOD will strip away his vocal cords FOREVER!!  Here's the sneak trailer of the Day #3 Episode below or Youtube:

Films/Movies: Produced & Directed by: King Kirk Sporty-Thievz & Howell Designs

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*Music Sound Track Coming Soon